Ben Lomond

3 Litre

This was the first of the 'Ben's' bred by the Scottish Crop Research Institute. This strong growing variety really thrives after a hard Winter, producing bumper crops - and flowering late, the blossom is rarely damaged even by late frosts. Heavy crops of dark black currants are produced late July - early August.


3 Litre

A good old fashioned variety. Strong growth produces firm fruits of a good flavour. Very Hardy.

Ben More

3 Litre

By far the best for plant habit, making a good cup-shaped. easy to manage bush,  normally avoiding spring frosts but with the advantage of fruiting much earlier . The fruits are very large produced on short strings and ripen evenly with the excellent true blackcurrant flavour. The bush is upright with very strong branches that support the massive crop well.

Ben Sarek

3 Litre

A high yielding mildew resistant variety. Compact bushes produce large berries up to 1.6cm. Ben Sarek is highly frost tolerant making it an ideal variety for northern locations.  Height 1m.

Ben Nevis

3 Litre

The well flavoured berries are borne on short striges and have  good mildew and frost resistance. The growth habit is where the main difference occurs; it is taller, and more vigorous.


3 litre

Hardy and reliable this strong growing mildew resistant variety is ideal for smaller gardens. A full crop of tasty large berries is produced from late July.

Wellington XXX

3 Litre

"Regarded as one of the most popular species of blackcurrant. It is renowned for its excellent sweet and juicy tasting fruits. The plants will grow vigorously and spread with high crop yields.


3 litre

"Titania is very vigorous and has good resistance to powdery mildew. Fruit size is large and  quality and flavour are very good.


Jonkher van Tets

3 Litre

Awarded an award of garden merit this brightly fruited variety, is the first of the redcurrants to fruit. Nice long trusses start from mid July. Heavy cropping and very hardy.


3 Litre

A new variety, sharp tasting fruits from mid August. A strong growing redcurrants that will tolerate partial shade.


3 Litre

Good quality fruits from mid July . Easy to harvest


3 Litre

The most widely grown variety, due to its high yields of superb quality fruit. Large berries on long striges make this an easy picker.  


White Hollander

3 Litre

Heavy cropping translucent white sweet fruits, Crops from July  

White Versailles

3 Litre

Heavy cropping pale yellow fruits, from early July

All our currants are container grown  in 3 litre terra cotta square pots. We ensure  that each plant has a minimum of 3 breaks and regularly prune out older shoots. You will find an extensive range below and have recommended varieties that we think offer an exceptional garden performance.

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