Blackberry Waldo 2 litre


Ashton Cross

2 litre

A real heavy cropper with a true blackberry flavour. Fruits from the beginning of August for a good eight week period.  Fruits are medium sized and very abundant, ideal for cooking and eating fresh.

Black Buttee

2 litre

Vigorous and thorny, but a wonderful variety with attractive white flowers followed by an abundance of large black berries during mid summer.

Loch Maree PBR

2 Litre

The first variety to have double pink flowers, making it ornamental  and productive. Its thornless stems produce an excellent crop of super sweet, juicy berries. Tolerant of most site and soil conditions. Tolerates semi shade.

Merton Thornless

2 litre

A popular variety from the John Innes Institute. Good strong thornless stems with tasty medium fruits, from July onwards.


2 litre

A thornless compact growing hardy blackberry with large tasty black fruits,  Very reliable and Hardy. Recommended. Crops form August onwards. Good for the smaller garden.


2 litre

A new thornless blackberry variety with large intensely black berries of exceptional flavour. Less vigorous than other blackberry hybrids so is easier to train and harvest.


Loganberry LY654

2 litre

Long conical red fruits on a thornless cane. Loganberries

are a cross between a raspberry and a blackberry. Fruit

ripens from mid July and continues until late August.

Loganberry LY59

2 litre

Extremely thorny but a heavier cropper than LY654. Long

red fruits from July onwards. An old variety but still in

great demand.

Tayberry Buckingham

2 litre

Thornless, blackberry and raspberry cross. Heavy cropping.

Tayberry Medana

2 litre

Thorny, blackberry and raspberry cross. Heavy crop of large

juicy fruits.


2 litre

Deep glossy red-black fruits, with a sweet taste, form in

abundance on long stems.

A cross between tayberry and one of its sister seedlings


2 litre

A blackberry & raspberry cross producing large juicy

dark fruits on thorny long stems with a good loganberry

type flavour

Continual breeding of blackberries has widened their appeal to home growers and new large fruiting, thorn-less varieties make them a delight to grow in even the smallest garden. Our plants are grown in a 2 litre blue pot with a 60cm cane and a full colour label.

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